‘You know in your heart what you want to do. Be bold enough to do it’
Jeff Foxworthy

Entrepreneurs . . . do you ever experience this?

  • Too busy to do the things you enjoy most
  • Feel stuck and not sure what to do next
  • Have trouble finding things in your office when you need them
  • Projects that seem overwhelming
  • Your business processes are in need of systems
  • Customer followup is sometimes missing

Imagine gaining the peace and clarity to really organize and grow your business to free up your time and make more money so that you can have more fun in your life.

We have a simple system that helps you cut through the clutter and put it into manageable steps and processes . . . and we keep you on track to maintaining and growing your business successfully.


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Running out of Business Cards at a Networking Event, a Disaster, Maybe Not!

Running out of Business Cards at a Networking Event, a Disaster, Maybe Not!

Mar 01

I visited a BNI networking event recently where the educational piece was making sure you had a great business card and lots of them to hand out. It was a timely message for me. I indeed had run out of business cards and the order for new ones had not yet arrived. The message sunk in rather quickly. When networking, I remember what Bob Burg suggests in his book ‘Endless Referrals.’ It’s far   more

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One More Habit

Feb 01

You've probably heard the saying ‘A place for everything and everything in its place.’ It sounds like a simple saying yet it is the basis for being organized. When everything is in its place there’s no wasted time looking for things or the frustration that comes with it. When you form the habit of putting things away in their place, it becomes automatic. Your subconscious says “I know where tha  more

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A Fresh Start for the New Year!!

Jan 06

A New Year, a fresh start, New Year’s resolutions. It’s great to have a year behind us, to say whew, that was a full one, and look forward to the next. My new year’s resolution starts in November as I review the past year and set out goals for the upcoming new one. It’s one of my favourite times. My new day timer has arrived and I’m ready to make the next year the greatest ever and to put the o  more